I am so profoundly happy to have Tuli–the only tiny dog I’ve ever loved–and the rest of her incredible family in my life. I’ve never been so known, and had the knowing held so close, by anyone who isn’t blood.

Today I had a tattoo consultation about getting roses on my chest next month. I’m thrilled to have a tattoo artist who knows me and who I trust. I went in with a very vague idea and left feeling confident and terribly excited.

Portland got hit with a ton of snow last night. I’m relieved that Seattle was spared the same fate. Cold and clear up here tonight with a gorgeous view of the moon.

2 thoughts on “11/365

  1. Snow in places not accustomed to it can be a serious shock, and I hear Portland got a lot of it. Glad you were spared. I think having a tattoo artist you trust must be important (I have none.) I also haven’t ever had a tiny dog – mostly grew up with medium size dogs and cats.



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