I am so profoundly happy to have Tuli–the only tiny dog I’ve ever loved–and the rest of her incredible family in my life. I’ve never been so known, and had the knowing held so close, by anyone who isn’t blood.

Today I had a tattoo consultation about getting roses on my chest next month. I’m thrilled to have a tattoo artist who knows me and who I trust. I went in with a very vague idea and left feeling confident and terribly excited.

Portland got hit with a ton of snow last night. I’m relieved that Seattle was spared the same fate. Cold and clear up here tonight with a gorgeous view of the moon.



October 2015.
October 2015.
It’s our last day in Seattle. Tomorrow morning we head south. I feel like I should deliver a eulogy to our time here. The city we first made our home, the apartments we shared, the streets we learned together. But just like any other time I’ve wanted to stand up at a funeral, the words just won’t come.

We awkwardly balance the heartbreak of leaving, of having known this city so intimately, with the excitement of what’s next. Try to hold close the memories, the leftovers, the echoes of these years. Over coffee Mason and I talk about all the things living in a smaller town will allow us to do. I imagine a small community, an apartment big enough for two offices, trees, space to breathe. The settling that can happen when your world is not so loud. He reaches under the table and laces his fingers in with mine, squeezing tight.

At night I stare at all the things we still need to pack. I think of the therapist I’ve been seeing for two years and my best friend. All the people I’ve met here flash through my head and I struggle to keep composure. I hold the heartbreak of leaving close to the love of forward motion. I try to imagine them as two parts of a multi-facetted piece of me. It is not all joy or sadness, it is too many feelings to go on listing. My mind pulls in several directions. My heart in as many. Straining across ventricles, a sharp ache and electric excitement fight for dominance, but neither are winning.

This hurts. This is thrilling.