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"'The Night Closes in on Us' - Rhyd Ddu, Snowdonia, Wales" © Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, 2014. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.
Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, 2014. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

On Sunday morning
I went for my first run
in our new town.

This town is so
damn quiet.

My feet, my breath, the leaves on the ground.
Everything I couldn’t hear
over the scream of the city
is now deafening.

And the constant screaming in head
that was trying to break the barrier
and be heard
is beginning to coo.

21 thoughts on “Quiet

  1. Hmmm…sounds pretty nice. There probably are sounds, you are not hearing them yet as you are used to the old sounds. Maybe play a game. Go outside and sit and listen. Good luck in your new home, I hope the peace will find a place within your heart.


  2. Your words got me thinking. I have been too busy to listen much to myself the last week or two. And today, while I was resting in the back seat of a car travelling across the country, I became very uncomfortable, and I wasn’t ready to face it all yet. But I comforted myself, I let myself feel the pain, the burden and I told me everything will be ok. And I reached out to a friend in the front seat and she held my hand until I calmed. Thankyou for sharing your vulnerability with us all, that is important comfort to many of us. x



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