Personal Development

Until You Learn

"Busy" © 1Q78, 2013. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.
Busy” © 1Q78, 2013. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.
I’m scouring for things to keep my brain occupied through winter. Things that occupy my neurons without actually making me think about existence.

Ordered a sketchbook and a new set of pastels. Logged into my Codecademy account for the first time in months. Accepted an outreach position at my coworking space. Planned my running schedule and increased my weight-training days. Stay just busy enough to keep myself solid. My feet grounded. Continue reading →


Red, white, and green

"White-Pine-Aurora" © Charlie Stinchcomb, 2005. CC BY 2.0.
White-Pine-Aurora” © Charlie Stinchcomb, 2005. CC BY 2.0.

Last night I had a series of dreams that woke me up at six o’clock this morning, drenched in sweat and clutching my chest. Deep breath. Deep breath. Okay, you’re okay. I splash cold water on my face and curl back into bed with Mason.

The omnipresent list of things I need to get done today starts its march through my head, but I stop it. I remind myself that it’s a holiday. I did all the cooking yesterday, Mason’s gifts are wrapped and under the bookshelf. Today there is nothing pressing. Today is just for breathing, for loving, for peace. Continue reading →