Birthday Time

Ruby's B-Day Picture-smaller

Happy Birthday, sweet Ruby! You would have turned 32 today… The family is getting together tonight for food and a fire. You surely did love to sit by the fire! Nothing fancy – hot dogs, deviled eggs, potato salad, and of course, Smores. Like many families, our celebrations center around food.

This photo of Ruby is from one of my own birthdays. I had requested rice krispie treats instead of cake. And, WOW! Such a spectacular presentation! And they were quite a yummy treat! Thank you, my sweet Munchkin!

Every time I am using my big old mixer, I see my little four year old daughter… She is standing close beside me with fear on her face… as I put my spatula into my whirling batter. “Mom! You could get caught in there!” I never did it again…. but I surely caught a precious memory of her caring and love for me. Sweet Munchkin! Dearest Ruby!

As I look through my recipe box, I am constantly running across recipes from family and friends. A good reconnection for me. Of course there are many in my Treasure Box that my Munchkin shared! A few from her youth, but mostly ones she created herself when she went out on her own. She had an amazing palette, a great curiosity, and a talent for putting it all together!

In high school she had many vegan friends. A step beyond our own vegetarianism. She found this wonderful recipe for chocolate chip cookies… She probably baked them a hundred times! You may have been the lucky recipient of one of her gifts! Once she persuaded me to take her to Vancouver, BC. Her favorite band, The Phenomenauts, was playing a show and she wanted to take them some of her cookies. So she baked them up and off we went. They were delighted!

After Ruby moved to Portland to go to college, she really got serious about cooking for herself. And fell in love with homemade tortillas! You know, you can put anything on them! Thanks to U-tube, she figured out those little tasties!

After Ruby married Mason she was even more inspired! Having someone to share the simple rituals of a good meal is a wonderfully, wonder filled, motivation! She became quite adept. This is when she created the meatloaf and yummy grub sauce. Yummy!

Ruby love, love, loved to eat with her hands! She told me she should learn how to cook Ethiopian food. The wonderful bread and dipping sauces enticed her!

I can see her enjoying a good meal, grinning from ear to ear. We all loved her beautiful smile! She always brushed her teeth after she ate. Having braces for many years when she was young gave her a real appreciation for good oral hygiene. Once she bonded with a new friend over a discussion of the best dental floss. Oh, Ruby!

Like all of you, I think about her every day. I had a dream recently where she and I were getting dressed for a celebration. She was wearing sparkly purple and laughing and carrying on so! I treasure the sound of her laughter! My sweet Ruby, wherever you are, I am holding you close in my heart and sending love, love, love! Peace and joy!

4 thoughts on “Birthday Time

  1. I miss your daughter, I loved reading every thing she wrote, she was so talented. I have never thought of someone I have never met in person as much as I do her. She changed my life in many ways. You are in my thoughts. Happy birthday Ruby, you are missed.


    1. Thank you for sharing these kind thoughts, Kristin! So nice to know that Ruby made a difference in your world! She certainly brought a lot of light to mine! Peace and love.

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