Happy Birthday, Ruby

Happy big 30 Birthday to Ruby!  Wish she was here to celebrate!  She loved honoring her friends and family when our birthdays came around.  Sharing our love for Ruby, I offer you these joyous reminders of past birthdays with her…  Please join me in lighting a (birthday) candle in her honor.  Ruby was a compassionate, brilliant, talented young woman.  We treasure our memories of her with our hearts full of love!



6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Ruby

  1. I checked in on Ruby in internet land today, unaware that her birthday is…. tomorrow, right? Coincidence? Doubtful. The last time I saw her, I gave her a ride so she wouldn’t have to walk so far in the snow. I wasn’t always warm to her, because some times the things she did upset me. But I was that night. We parted well, and I’m sorry she is gone. I’m sorry to you that she’s gone. Love to you, Ruby’s mom. I hope you have nice weather tomorrow, so her birthday is bright, like she was. ❤️🌞



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