Autobiography · Poetry


Cracked Cement” © Parée, 2006. CC BY-NC 2.0.

On the first day of the new year
sunrise and sunset
looked exactly the same

I tried not to take it as a premonition
that 2016 would be the same going out
as it was coming in

Because 2015 stripped me down
to the bones
And sucked out the marrow

Left me walking around
a porcelain skeleton of
the woman I used to be

Instead, I chose to believe
this is all blank canvas
to fill as we please

Sculpt ourselves new again
Refill our empty vessels
Craft new lives from rebar and cement


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2 thoughts on “Porcelain

  1. I am so, so sorry that 2015 left you so raw and spent. In many ways, I think our lives become the stories that we tell ourselves. If you decide that you want this year to be a blank canvas, and that is the story that you are telling yourself, then that is what it will be. I am wishing SO much GOOD for you in 2016!!



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