Unrailed Giveaway!


Holy smokes, y’all! Unrailed has been out for just over a month and I couldn’t be happier with the reception it’s gotten. As a token of my appreciation to all of you, I’m giving away three copies! All you have to do is follow this link and follow me on Twitter! Piece of cake.

It’s been a great year here on the blog. And I want you all to know how much I appreciate your love and support. This community has become more than I could ever ask for.



Update: Whoa! The giveaway was set to run until a certain number of entries were received and we had an incredibly overwhelming response. Thank you so much for everyone who entered! Watch here for another giveaway in the not so distance future.

10 thoughts on “Unrailed Giveaway!

  1. You truly deserve the success both your blog and your book are having, I really admire your honesty and determination. “Unrailed” is in my wish-list for Christmas presents. I would have participated in the giveaway, but I live in Italy. 🙂
    Look forward to your next posts here and Merry Christmas!


  2. I am adding this to my wishlist, and now following your blog, thanks to your blog being listed a favourite by The Daily Post crew.
    I’d like to shout ‘Ditto’!
    As I too fall into the Bipolar, Recovering Alcoholic mould.
    I always love when others are open, candidly turning the struggle into positive creativity.


    1. Welcome! I’m so glad to have another ditto here. I hope you find a little solace in knowing you’re not alone and having a safe place to talk about the struggles we face.

      The book is a great way to get acquainted with my writing. I hope someone gets it for you. 🙂

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