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"We Are Climbing..." © Duane Romanell, 2006. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.
We Are Climbing…” © Duane Romanell, 2006. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

I told him I didn’t want to talk about it. As if my mood balanced precariously. A drink on a platter gliding through a crowded bar. Don’t look at it or you’re sure to spill.

He pulled his lips in, pressed them against his teeth. He wanted to respect my wishes. He also felt like this is something we couldn’t leave unaddressed.

“I know,” I said and paused. “Just not yet, okay?”

Feeling better doesn’t always mean you’re ready to delve into why you were feeling so bad. Sometimes you just have to focus on climbing out and not think about falling in.

13 thoughts on “Climb

  1. It sounds like yours understands better than mine. He never wants to talk about it unless I have a definitive answer as to “what’s wrong.” And I never do. Glad you’re feeling better.


    1. This one is actually about my therapist. Your comment is interesting, though, because in therapy today we talked about how overwhelming the “what’s wrong” question can be. How it’s set up to make you feel like you’re broken.

      You’re not. Nothing is wrong with you.

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      1. I am so guilty of making assumptions, I really must stop doing that! Your therapist sounds amazing. I could use some amazing in my life right now… It doesn’t feel like nothing is wrong with me, but thank you. ::sigh::


        1. I know it doesn’t. Fucking sucks. Still true, though.

          And he is. I am very fortunate to find a good one. I’m not going to like having to do the search all over again when the time comes.

          I hope you find some amazing. The WP community is a good start.

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