"Wish Waiting to Happen" © Kent Landerholm, 2012. CC BY-NC 2.0.
Wish Waiting to Happen” © Kent Landerholm, 2012. CC BY-NC 2.0.
Twenty-seven days into November.
Twenty-seven things I’m thankful for this year.

Mason. My partner, my counterpart, my constant inspiration.
My family. By biology, by marriage, by careful handpicking.
Cheese. Pretty much any kind of cheese.
Shelter. Never wondering how I’m going to stay warm or where I’m going to sleep.
Sobriety. Every single day I have under my belt and all the ones ahead of me.
Food. Always having enough and the ability to cook it beautifully.
Coworking. Having an office to work out of does wonders for my sanity.
The internet. Easily accessible information and people who know what I’m working with.
Medical professionals. The ones who really listen and do everything they can to help.
Water. Clean and cold and available out of a tap most anywhere in my city.
Birth control. Simple, reliable, effective.
Hugs. Serious, full-on, squeeze-tight, “I love you” hugs.
Toothpaste. ARM & HAMMER™ Advance White™ Extreme Whitening with Stain Defense™ forever.
Critical thinkers. Always asking, always searching, always analysing.
Running. The ability, the motivation, the impact on my mental and physical health.
Empathy. Both on the having and receiving ends.
Mascara. Waterproof, jet black, and plenty of it.
Eye contact with strangers. On sidewalks, on buses, in the elevator. Extra points for smiling.
Lip balm. Ask anyone. I am never without it. Generally, I have several tubes on my person.
Barbells. Moving them around reminds me I’m a warrior woman.
Laughter. Making other people do it and the fact that I’m easy to.
Heavy cream. In, on, and around pretty much everything.
Writing. The best way I know how to break down or build up the things going on in me.
Leggings. Fleece-lined layers under jeans to keep my constantly-cold self toasty.
Silence. Sitting in it, working in it, people who know how to share one well.
FocusWriter. Currently my favorite word processing program.
You. Coming back again and again to read.

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