Today I saw an ivy plant growing up a fence post. It didn’t seem to be hanging on to anything, just pressing hard and reaching. I feel a lot like that lately. Suspended in air, but somehow still moving forward, up. I’m glad to know other things are doing it successfully.

I took myself out dancing last night. Came home at 12 AM all sweaty and smiling. I haven’t gone out dancing at a bar since I was like 19 probably. Sure, I’ve been to shows and what not, but not a dance floor and a DJ type thing. It was a blast. I am so grateful to my friend who told me about the event in the first place and all the people I asked to give me pep talks about going out alone.

Coffee. I needed a lot of coffee today. And there was plenty of it.

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The struggle to reach up

"Struggle.. for LIFE!" © Pemier Photo, 2008. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.
Struggle.. for LIFE!” © Pemier Photo, 2008. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.
Everything feels impossible lately.

I’ve decided to find comfort in that. If everything is a struggle, then nothing is harder than anything else. The work, the effort, the propulsion needed for anything I hope to do requires the same amount of energy.

A spacecraft charging out of the grasp of Earth’s atmosphere. Once I’m up there, I can do anything I want. No matter what follows, the force needed to escape gravity’s pull is the same. Continue reading →