"Smashed Windows III" © James Butler, 2010. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.
Smashed Windows III” © James Butler, 2010. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.
Today you just want to break things.
Long-stemmed wine glasses hurled against walls.
Televisions thrown out windows.
Knuckles raked against brick walls,
pummeled against concrete.

We tell ourselves we can’t do such things.

Settle for scrubbing tubs.
Screaming into pillows.
Flailing around our living space
manically. Continue reading →



trash” © Quika Brockovich, 2013. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.


We lean on things because we are clinging to the idea they can make our feelings stop. Not help cope with anything. Not deal with our anxiety, our depression, our loss. That isn’t our intention. We just want the emotions to stop. The anger, the frustration, the hurt, the fear. Cast it out. Cover it up. Make to stop.

Even when we stopped drinking, stopped using, stopped whatever addictive behavior we’d deemed useful. Even when we started looking at our damaging behaviors. Everything we did was still under the guise that this too would somehow allow us to make the feeling stop. We became bound by the idea that if we can understand where the hurt comes from we can fix it. Make it go away. The goal was never to embrace it. To face it. We want to trace everything back to its origin so we can destroy it. Time-traveling to kill the would-be mothers of our greatest influencers before they conceive. Continue reading →