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How making art tile treated my depression

In January of 2016 I called up a family friend and asked if he had any work for me. Maybe a place to stay. I was coming out of a year of suicidal depression and my husband had just told me he wanted a divorce. As a stay-at-home writer I hadn’t worked a real job in years. I didn’t have any idea how to support myself. I didn’t even know if I really wanted to.

Chuck showed me around Totten Tileworks for the first time in years. My mother had worked there since I was a kid, both of my siblings had summer jobs there growing up, and Chuck remained a close family friend, but I hadn’t stepped foot in the place in years. He showed me three open apartments…

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7 thoughts on “How making art tile treated my depression

  1. Great post. One of my favorite recent reads. I relate because I am also a recovering alcoholic and my trade of choice for nearly a decaade was tile. It was my art and therapy at that time unfortunately after multiple injuries, including the near loss of my right eye, causing permanent damage, I had to toss aside the trowel. Excuse my ramblings but I don’t believe I have ever related more to an article. Thank you for this it means a great deal to me.


      1. I have, and thank you for responding. I’m sure you are a busy person but I’d like to give my lowly opinion. Your writing style coupled with your content will prove to be more than enough to make decisive change in the readers who need it. What sets you apart, if I may, is your mixture of piercing evident sincerity, and an almost unruly honesty. The pleasure is mine and and if you ever find yourself in Phoenix, Arizona I’d love to get the mixer out and try your hand with the trowel, in a friendly of course, Articifer v. Articifer.


  2. Loved this post! I especially loved the merging of your perfectionist tendencies and acceptance of i perfectionism that you found in the creative process of making tile. Your description of working with the clay was captivating. I hope that things at the Tileworks go well! It sounds like a great family company.



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